We Empower Teams Through Culture Training

Enhancing Skills - Igniting Lives

We are experts at training groups and individuals to excel at their jobs, bringing teamwork to a whole new level. Everyone spends a rather large part of their lives working. An unhappy employee will spread their attitude at work and at home. When a successful one can be a walking inspiration, a contributor or a positive culture.

We believe that providing the right approach and the right tools, people can be trained at their jobs, and their success will spread far beyond work. We are dedicated to enhance individuals skills, and the subsequent increase in self esteem and confidence will translate into a better life in general. Our mission is to focus on the individual, transform the group and ignite lives.

Cultivating a culture of doers, achievers and goal slayers

In our fast-paced world we must adapt, change and innovate in order to thrive.
We specialize in developing positive and productive team culture by addressing the individual’s abilities and direct them in a coordinated effort towards the group’s goals.
We are a team of passionate leaders with one streamlined intention: to move businesses and entrepreneurs forward.

Over 80,000 leaders and entrepreneurs helped and still counting.

What We Do

Everyone has a superpower

We train and coach individuals and groups. We aim to inspire and reach their true potential.
Our programs are designed to develop abilities inherent to the individual.

It is a proven fact that every human being is way more capable than their current performance. Given the right training, guidance, and the appropriate circumstances actions anyone can over-perform.

We address the key elements to succeed in the workplace and incidentally in life. We start with an assessment of the workplace, followed by a step-by-step training program using a combination of online training, live workshops and coaching to create the dream team.

Philosophy of Management

“You can buy a man’s time, you can buy a man’s physical presence at a given place; you can even buy a measured number of skilled muscular motions per hour or day. But you cannot buy enthusiasm; you cannot buy initiative; you cannot buy loyalty; you cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds and soulds. You have to earn these things.”

Clarence Francis

Chairman General Foods

How We Do It

Assess - Change - Evolve​

A good idea that never launches can make a good conversation, but it never makes substantial changes in anyone’s life.

We turn ideas into actions by giving our training an interactive and entertaining approach. Our courses, workshops, conferences and coaching are filled with actionable targets immediately applicable to the workplace and life.

Our Five Pillars

We focus on five pillars for a business and life transformation. For each topic we created a variety of steps or courses to gradually increase the knowledge and skills of the individuals and bring : Assessment and Evaluation, Leadership training, Sales Training, Soft Skills and Team Building

Who We Are

We are crazy passionate about helping and changing lives. How crazy are we? We have helped over 80,000 leaders and entrepreneurs and we feel we are just getting started. 🙂

Alex Candela

Wency Severi

Clients We Have Served

“The difference is in our approach, and it translates into superior results.”

What Sets Us Apart

Willingness is the essence of training. Without willingness there is not true participation, which closes the door to any valid improvement.

Business training could be tedious if the individuals are not doing it of their own volition.

Our focus is to empower the individual members of the group.

We believe everyone has a superpower and that validation of their rightness can bring about a superlative outcome on the attitude and performance of the team members.

We designed our training to be interactive, entertaining, and very hands-on. Our training empowers individuals and aligns them with the goals of the organization.